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Recommend you a Blu-ray Converter to rip Blu-ray files at one go

As far as I know, some people use AnyDVD to remove  protections of their Blu-ray discs firstly, and then use an MTS/M2TS Converter  to convert the .m2ts BD files into their wanted media formats. This is a  definitely complicated matter, and why don't they choose a one-stop Blu-ray  converter to do it once and for all? I guess that they may have not found a proper  application to do this at all. Well, to assist you guys to simplify the conversion  procedures, it’s my pleasure here to share a pretty good Blu-ray converter to you all,  hope it will be of great help for you who are searching for this solution just  right.
The application I recommend is BestHD Blu-ray converter ,  which can remove BD protections as well as do format conversion simultaneously  without audio and video out of sync issues. All right, let’s have a look at its  detailed instruction together now.
Step 1: Load Blu-ray  files into BestHD Blu-ray converter

Add Blu-ray

Step 2: Select output format and Audio and subtitle language
As soon as BD files are loaded, you can click the  drop-down list at the end of “Profile” to select output format according to your end use of these files. For instance, you can select format for your iPod,  iPhone, PSP, Apple TV, or other devices, or directly copy them to the hard  drive of your PC, or remux them to other formats without recode, etc.

Select output format

Step 3: Set advanced settings
Press“Settings”button, the interface as below will pop up, on which you can adjust the video size, video quality, channel, audio quality, and specify the output path and Output settings.Click“OK”to confirm the settings.It is worth mentioning that, BestHD Soft support for automatic shutdown after conversion finished .

Adjust video settings

Step 4: Start Blu-ray  ripping
Click “Start” button, then BestHD Blu-ray converter will start ripping your Blu-ray files automatically. With multithread technology, this program can finish the ripping task 1.5 to 2 times faster than  other similar software.therefore, it ensures you needn't wait around for a long time.

Well, finished. From now on, you no longer need use both  AnyDVD and an MTS/M2TS Converter to deal with your BD files. Hope my post here  it really informative to all of you, good luck.


Good News: BestHD Blu-ray Converter new upgrades and 40% of the profit concession sales to repay customers' ardent supports, The excellent products include popular and powerful software like Blu-ray converter ,Blu-ray DVD converter ,etc. For detailed info, please visit the link attached as below:

New Features about new version 2.11.25

1. Improved the incompatibility with 64-bit operating systems.
2. Added the subtitle function.
3. Added the selection of 5.1 audio (6 channels) for AVI and MKV.
4. Fixed the problem of incomplete conversion for particular discs.

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